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About Us

We are a diversified financial services conglomerate dealing in assets research, sale of alternate assets, and locating/redeeming lost investments. Our clientele includes retail investors and HNIs. We also impart financial literacy and wisdom through our social media platforms, aspiring to become a formidable name in our field.

Our Services

Innovestorz India - Our assets research arm that values various assets using offbeat methods including but not limited to macros, fundamentals, technicals and risk profile. Innovestorz Insights is an actionable thesis that gives clients clearer views while making an investment decision. We value all kinds of different assets such as equities, debt, commodities, alternate assets

SwarnaSmith - We at innovestorz believe in the potential of assets like gold and silver to act as a wealth insurance and in order to make fine precios metals bars and coins available to clients we created a vertical just to source and sell gold and silver in various demoninations

Anweshan Regtech - While most of the assets such as bonds and shares have been dematerliazed, there are many holders of physical bonds,shares, insurance policies that need assistance in locating, valuing and redeeming their lost investments. We also help clients to file claims with IEPF, LIC etc to track and redeem the investments

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For any inquiries, call us at +91-9532297472/9717235487 or email at Visit us at 106/371, D3 P.ROAD INNOVESTORZ INDIA, Kanpur, UP 208012 IN